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    Details about date of joining and pay of Smt Jismy abdul Kader

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    i an indian citizen seek the following informations under the rti act 2005 of joining the kvs as english tgt
    2 her basic pay and grade pay as on her joining
    3 her basic pay and grade pay pay as on july 2012

    Vijayalakshmi Apartment Building Plan BBMP approval - certified documents , notices/actions if any

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    Full name of the applicant: adarsh thampan

    address: flat a-307,vijayalakshmi apartments,4th b cross,kagadasspura main road,cv raman nagar, bangalore - 560093

    details of the document/ inspection/ samples required:

    certified photocopies of approved building plans, permission and authorization letters issued by bbmp to construct building vijayalakshmi apartments,4th b cross,kagadasspura main road, bangalore - 560075

    year to which the above pertains: year 2003-till date onwards (certified photocopies all records related to building plan approval from the said date)

    certified photocopies of the notices issued (if any) by the bbmb regarding the violations of the construction the above said building.

    also provide the information showing the compliance/ action taken on the notices issued as asked above.


    information about supply of LPG

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    Respected sir,
    i want to know the rules and the rights of consumer for getting supply of lpg. the supplier never tells us the actual rules, rights and facilities fixed by the government. i want to know the time period by which a supplier is bound to supply the cylinder. and what if he does not. is there any rule for home delivery of gas cylinders, if so, what are the charges?
    these are the few queries i want to get informed about.
    please help me.