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Rama Rao |

From Bangalore filed RTI for her daughter’s stipend

"I do not hesitate to recommend to use the services of online RTI whenever,who ever needs the guidance and service in applying to RTI.. Good and satisfactory professional service"

OnlineRTI Customer Testimonial by Rama Rao

Priti Bhende |

Teacher from Mumbai

"It had been nearly 7 years that I was trying to get my PF account cleared then I learnt about RTI approached them online and got my PF cleared. Thanks to RTI"

OnlineRTI Customer Testimonial by Priti Bhende

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Girish Kamath |

Software Engineer from Bangalore

"Got Road tax refund from Hyderabad RTO after filing RTI #RTIisSimple "

OnlineRTI Customer Testimonial by Rama Rao

Dr Ranjini C R |

" I have been researching on RTI. This is a great effort to take RTI forward. Helpful associates, user-friendly online experience, quick responses and dedicated team of people. Well done!! "

OnlineRTI Customer Testimonial by Rama Rao